Nova Greenhouse

Dimensions: Base 6 ’4“ (1.93m) x 6 ’4” (1.93m).
Eave height: 5 ’8“ (1.73m) Cone height: 7 ’11“ (2.41m)
(Dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly)

Fawt Nova
  • Strong FOLDED Aluminium frame for mininal maintenance.

  • INCLUDES one Roof Window, one side window and one Base Vent as standard.

  • Excellent Eave and Internal height.

  • Designed and Tested to withstand the strongest of winds when anchored as recommended.

  • INCLUDES integral base and anchor legs as standard.

  • Available in long lasting baked powder coat white, green, brown as well as natural Aluminium.

  • Can be erected on either earth, gravel, concrete or paving stones.

  • Special requirements to order subject to Quotation. .

  • Available accessories: Maximum 2 SETSstaging, 4 Roof Windows, 3 Side Windows, 7 Base Vents plus Aluminium Rainwater Kit, Shelves, Autovents.

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